Fearless House is a house as you and I draw as a child.
And like all children around the world do.

Such a children's house is endearing. Nothing is straight and everything is so simple. As simple as your own childhood. I even made a house of sheets under the table and inside it felt cozy.

But. . .
the cottage has no back wall.
Everything comes through that open back unfiltered and in large quantities into your life. Via the TV, internet, social media and the newspapers. Colleagues and neighbors add a little extra in the stories.
You often do not even notice how quickly everything passes by.
And you can not shield yourself from it either.

There is a solution: the front door is always open.

If you do not stick to all the messages that pass, your unrest and uncertainty will disappear through that fixed, open front door. Just by sitting on the thick steel chair.

Fearless House has overly thick walls, but in art you can and should exaggerate.
Bart Somers does that here with 5 cm thick steel. Bart has worked with steel all his life.
He understands the material and shows with this large project that steel is more than construction material.

In his work he paints with the cutting torch and molds with the forging hammer.

The Zen houses of bronze are 15 cm high and are made in exactly the same proportions as the steel house of 4 mtr. They are hand-welded one by one, nicely browned and provided with a serial number. I make a maximum of 100.
More information about Fearless House can be found at Fearlesshouseproject.com.

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