A Messerschmitt BF109 on a fake airfield

During the Second World War there were a number of fake German airstrips in the Netherlands with aircraft made from wood and canvas.

In the Goirle district in the south of Holland, people wanted to commemorate such a historic place and the local council had asked me to design a steel aircraft based on photographs surviving from that period.   

I took this to heart and designed the aircraft with a current view in mind, using abstraction and leaving pieces out; the result is a Messerschmitt BF109 with an open underside.  Afterall, the British could only see the top of the aircraft from the air…

The entire aircraft is made of Corten steel and will get that beautiful rust / red color over time.

We have called on the Royal Dutch Air Force for the transport of the aircraft to the fake airfield. They have extensively tested the Messerschmitt for strength and stability and have deployed their Chinook transport helicopter. It is a spectacular sight to see such a work of art floating in the air. It was placed super soft in the meadow and our thanks to the Air Force is great.

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