A sheet of iron, flat as a coin, lies in front of a large hydraulic press and my cutting torch. It is like the sculptor's block of marble, like a painter's blank white canvas.

I see a crawling, sad woman before me, her hands stretched out in despair. I light the cutting torch, sparks fly around. I closely follow the drawn chalk line on the steel. My fantasy slowly turns into reality.

I want to see an intence emotion in this hard steel. And what is more intense than fear?
Painful, but oh so powerful to make ...



I've "met" my teacher for this work in a museum in Duisburg. I also want to show that emotion in his images.
I patiently work towards my end result. I model with the forge hammer and paint with my cutting torch.

A sculptor unlocks his statue from a stone. I pull this inconsolable woman with heat and force from a flat sheet of steel to the third dimension. She slowly creeps up into life.

At the end of the day, she rose from the steel sheet. My energy, my blood, sweat and tears have become the image: die Untröstliche.

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